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[You've likely been trying to contact the notorious Sis Strider. She's really not an A+ keeper of her PDA during her stay at Rakuen so she can be pretty tough to reach sometimes. If you are on the receiving end of this message you are going to hear some pretty chill beats , you're probably not getting through whole song without getting that stupid beep.


Means leave a message dumbshit.

Specify in the subject line if its a TEXT or a VOICEMAIL. :|b ]
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Sis talks in this freaking blinding orange text. She also talks with a good sense of grammar and punctuates everything correctly. Is this text too blinding for your eyes?

Comment here and I can certainly NOT type in Sis' quirk. It will be implied that she is still typing in that blinding orange- but for your sake, I won't!


Jan. 24th, 2012 04:29 pm
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Sup guys! This is an HMD post on how you think my portrayal of Sis Strider is. Keep in mind that she is an AU character! All flames and derogatory comments without  a reason to back it up (or a way I can fix your upset) will be ignored! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and give me the crit!


aim melodybringer
plurk xxsugarcubes
personal email-

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 [Noon. Sis Strider makes her way back to her apartment. Dave was off at school, and she could use the few hours in-between now and the time the kid got home from his daily dose of schooling. She lands up on the roof and enters from the top stairwell. Keys are in the door, and she is home free!

Except not. She wasn't liking what she was seeing on the couch. Her shades were tipped down at the sleeping Dave Strider. No. This couldn't be right. This is the same position she left him in earlier- on the couch watching some morning toons and eating cereal. Shit hadn't even been touched and his bookbag wasn't packed up to go.

She checks her wristwatch, 12:30pm.]

Little man, get up. [She guesses she could excuse it if the little dude could provide an explanation.]


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